GODOPOCO is a communication and improvisation training tool which develops communication, negotiation and improvisation skills. By playing the GODOPOCO game, participants reduce their fear of failure and learn to be open with others.

GODOPOCO is playful way to unlock people’s happiness.

There is only one way to be happy – by being free. When your can express your opinions without inhibition, fulfil your dreams, and feel delight in your communication with other people every single day, then you will experience the happiness of freedom.

Yet so often in our lives we are held back from achieving our goals simply because we are afraid of making mistakes or being seen as imperfect by those around us. The good news is that we can learn to change our attitude towards our own and other’s mistakes.

GODOPOCO reduces stress and shyness in communication, encouraging participants to learn and take risks. Players interact with one another, open up and become more relaxed. In addition, they learn to improvise, to act and play in unexpected conditions, and to live in the here and now.

Take a look at how the GODOPOCO game is played, and start finding more happiness in your daily communication.