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GODOPOCO is a playful way to unlock people’s happiness.

There is only one way to be happy – by being free. When you can express your opinions without inhibition, fulfill your dreams, and feel delightful in your communication with other people, every single day, then you will experience the happiness of freedom.

GODOPOCO reduces stress and shyness in communication, encouraging participants to learn and take risks. Participants interact with one another, open up and become more relaxed. In addition, they learn to improvise, to act and play in unexpected conditions, and live in the here and now.

During the training, you will develop the following 7 communication skills, which, according to GODOPOCO, are the most important:

#1 LISTENING: ability to keep attention, listen, here and now.
#2 FLEXIBILITY: ability to adapt to the other person’s communication dynamics (eg, speaking speed, manners, movements).
#3 EMOTIONAL FREEDOM: ability to deliberately regulate own emotions, but not controlled by them.
#4 EMOTIONAL LITERACY: ability to name your feelings.
#5 BODY LANGUAGE: ability to use your body in order to initiate, change or terminate communication.
#6 ASSERTIVENESS: ability to communicate with anyone, wherever it is possible to achieve self-esteem and respect for the other person’s opinion.
#7 SPONTANEITY: ability to react with unexpected changes of circumstances.

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